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Wallflower has teamed up with 42 Birds to introduce you to a sustainable yoga brand built for the future of wellness.

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42 Birds

Cork Massage Therapy Balls “The Little Owls”

Cork Massage Therapy Balls “The Little Owls”

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  • The massage therapy ball set by 42 Birds is perfect for massaging your body before or after works outs or yoga-- and is the next big trend in wellness. Relieve muscle soreness, increase flexibility and improve your energy with myofascial release. This unique set of 3 massage therapy balls, including a special tiny reflexology ball for feet and face, is perfect for helping with targeted tissue massages. It also comes in complimentary an easy-to-transport elegant canvas bag. If you are looking to cover larger body parts check out our cork massage roller.

  • Specifications: (2) 60mm diameter 140g balls and (1) 20mm diameter 20g ball

  • Pro Tip:Keep the two balls together in the bag in a peanut shape and run down your spine for a professional-level feel


  • Suitable for all styles of yoga. For hot yoga, you can go towel-free and will not need to deal with a smelly mat.
  • Top side: 100% sustainable cork that provides a superior grip in both dry and wet conditions. Cork is naturally antimicrobial and self-cleaning.
  • Bottom side: Comfortable, 6mm natural rubber, which upholds our eco-conscious values – 100% recyclable, and free of PVC, plasticizers, and latex.
  • Attractive design will look good no matter where it is stored.
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About 42 Birds

42 Birds is a family-owned and operated by Andrew Fortnum and Victoria Fortnum Walker. They are brother and sister, business partners, and both share a passion for the health and wellness space. Victoria is local to Cape Coral and has been living in SWFL for the past three years. Andrew lives in Chicago but spends a lot of time in Florida, especially during the cold winter months.