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Wallflower has teamed up with 42 Birds to introduce you to a sustainable yoga brand built for the future of wellness.

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42 Birds

Cork Yoga Industrial Mat “The Imperial Eagle”

Cork Yoga Industrial Mat “The Imperial Eagle”

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  • The 42 Birds Industrial "Imperial Eagle" natural cork yoga mat is sturdy and beautifully smooth. The sustainable cork is non-slip with natural anti-microbial properties that resist mold, mildew, and bad smells.

    At 6mm thick, there is a comfortable natural rubber base. This mat is ideal for someone who likes extra padding and who enjoys the extra weight that rubber provides. With the feeling of nature beating within you, we wish you a pure and inspiring yoga practice.

  • Specifications: 72″ x 26” | 6mm thick | 5.5 lbs. | 4 in. diameter rolled


  • Suitable for all styles of yoga. For hot yoga, you can go towel-free and will not need to deal with a smelly mat.
  • Top side: 100% sustainable cork that provides a superior grip in both dry and wet conditions. Cork is naturally antimicrobial and self-cleaning.
  • Bottom side: Comfortable, 6mm natural rubber, which upholds our eco-conscious values – 100% recyclable, and free of PVC, plasticizers, and latex.
  • Attractive design will look good no matter where it is stored.
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About 42 Birds

42 Birds is a family-owned and operated by Andrew Fortnum and Victoria Fortnum Walker. They are brother and sister, business partners, and both share a passion for the health and wellness space. Victoria is local to Cape Coral and has been living in SWFL for the past three years. Andrew lives in Chicago but spends a lot of time in Florida, especially during the cold winter months.